Rock Yer Block - Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness

Are U ready to Rock YER BLOCK!

Rock Yer Block is a philanthropic organization who's mission is to bring musicians together to raise awareness for brain injury survivors using the public platforms as protected under The First Amendment.

Rock Yer Block is also home to The Busk Stop Torrington an on going Busking and Street Performance Project. Rock Yer Block, The City Of Torrington, The Northwest CT Arts Council, Art Life Culture and The Torrington Collective are working together to bring this amazing project to CT. The Busk Station is located 42 Main St Torrington along with the Rock Yer Block Shop.

Rock Yer Block was founded in 2015 by guitarist and singer Adelaide Punkin to support ABI and TBI survivors with a public voice, fundraising opportunities and community outreach. Adelaide continues to be a pint sized force to be reckoned with as she tours to promote the mission of Rock Yer Block.

"Brain injuries can happen to anyone, almost anywhere and at any age. I have met so many survivor; some who have even lost the ability to speak. Rock Yer Block gives them a voice, music, and a chance to be heard." - Adelaide Punkin 2015

Adeliade Punkin Datzuk, 8yo (2015)

At 13, Adelaide brought her message to a much larger audience with projects like The Torrington Busk Stop, a city wide busking program in Northwestern CT. She hosts Busking Workshops and helps coordinate The Busk Station Torrington, a venue and touchstone for all things Busking. She has successfully combined her love for street performing with Community Outreach Projects, Economic Development through the Arts, inspiring other communities to open themselves up to Busking and Street Performing

Adelaide Punkin, 13yo  (2020) Founder Rock-Yer-Block

"I started busking in 2013 when I was only 6 years old, totally by accident when I was practicing in the park with my Dad. Someone came over to our bench and gave me a tip! I was amazed! That was 7 years ago. Now I am a "professional" musician, I have grown as an artist and song writer. I play big music festivals, fund raisers and fairs, all kinds of fancy restaurants and pubs, and have had over 400 live venue performances... but I still LOVE BUSKING THE BEST! There is no better way to connect with people and your audience. The Busk Stop Project and Rock Yer Block take what I do a musician and amplify the message by turning it up to 11! People hear what I have to say about ABI/TBI survivors, our mission, all using our personal freedoms under the First Amendment. this is why I love music, it's why I play" - Adelaide Punkin 2021


To raise awareness for brain injury survivors by bringing musicians together for public performance, community outreach and fundraising events.