Rock Yer Block - Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness

About Us

It all started with an 8 year olds a Birthday wish. Sitting and having a morning snack, watching vintage concert videos like Farm Aid and The Concert For Bangladesh, the plan was hashed out.. there would be a concert... a concert just like those!!! Here is how it came together in her own words..... during her 2nd fundraiser in 2017.

"Hi, I'm Adelaide Punkin Datzuk... And this is the story of how I started Rock Yer Block: Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness.

For my 8th birthday my parents asked what I wanted to do for a party, like a theme. I said I wanted to have a concert... a concert to raise money to help people. So we came up with the idea that instead of a party and presents, I would host the first Punkinstock Concert For Brain Injury Awareness! I had heard about festivals like Live Aid, where they raised money help to feed and fix the world. I invited my friends and family to my party, but instead of invitations we sent out tickets and asked them to donate $5.00 a ticket at the door instead of bringing me a present for my birthday. It was like a mini festival. It was so much fun! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. My Dad is an Artist and works with brain injury survivors, and my Mom is an Educator, so its really creative around my house, cool ideas are always flying around. The concert and idea was such a success we decided to put together Rock Yer Block: Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness, a group assembled to give voice to the ABI/TBI community using the Music and the First Amendment."

The idea of of one 8 year old wanting to help Brain Injury Survivors with her music has grown up right along side her. Its grown way beyond a birthday party and it just keeps getting bigger. Operating year round with community projects, concerts and performances and the one and only Rock Yer Block Shop in Torrington CT, featuring busking supplies and the music and art of Brain Injury Survivors and Advocates.

"With Rock Yer Block and the Punkinstock Fundraisers, plus the new Rock Yer Block Shop in downtown Torrington CT, I can be part of something much bigger, I can do things that make a difference and help people. I can do something that can really Rock Yer Block!"

Adelaide Punkin

Founder of Rock Yer Block
and The Torrington Busk Stop Project