Rock Yer Block - Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness

Torrington Busk Stops

These are 10 of the prime Busking locations in downtown Torrington. These Organizations and Restaurants that have agreed to participate and provide safe busking space o the downtown area. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 16th 17th and 18th, check out all Rock Yer Block’s Torrington Busk Stops during Summer Busking Days!
1 Rock Yer Block
2 Salt 2.0
3 Kelly's Crystals
4 Love It Vegan
5 Brinx Coffee and Cocktails
6 Toothpick
7 ToHo Lounge
8 The Nutmeg Fudge Company
9 Geppetto - Osteria e Bisteccheria
10 Crumbs by Toast & Co.