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Navigating Torrington BuskStops

Getting To A BuskStop Is Easy!

1) Regester as a Busker to get a Boarding Password. (This makes it fast and easy to apply to events without having to fill out the same info each time.)

2) Use your Boarding Password to apply to Events or Invites. 


When you see an "Event" or a "Host Invite" just follow the link, enter your Busk Password and you will receive a confirmation for your submission. Shortly after you should get a Y/N if you were selected.

You will also see updates and other information here on the web site, on Facebook at The Torrington Busk Station; or at 42 Main St, Torrington CT the "Brick & Mortar" Rock Yer Block Busking Terminal!


*** UPDATE 12/12/2021***

THE STAGE IS SET! No Really we set up the Busk Terminal Stage at 42 Main St.. This is the first step toward our full busking program that's rolling out spring 2022! 


*** UPDATE 10/01/2021***

It is official!! Rock Yer Block's Busk Station and Busk Stop projects are now funded by the Connecticut Department Of Economic Development's Office Of The Arts. Big Busking Opps are coming for 2022!!

*** UPDATE 9/14/2021***

The Litchfield Hills Creative Fest was a smashing success thank you to all the volunteers and Buskers who participated... check facebook and Instagram for pics and links... and we'll see you all next year!

*** UPDATE 8/9/2021***

The Litchfield Hills Creative Festival is approaching and navigating is key to a successful busking trip. We will launch a detailed on line map highlighting Busk Stops around Torrington including areas to avoid. 

Thank you for visiting the Torrington Busking Scene

This terminal is for Buskers departing on a tour of the Torrington, CT Busking Scene. The adventure of Busking starts here, with marked busking locations, organized events and community support for Street Perfomers. As a Busker, navigating the local landscape can be difficult. Knowing local hot spots and traveling with a "safe busking map" is essential. We're here to help guide your journey through Torrington's public performence areas, and make the experience pleasant and rewarding. REGISTER NOW AND GET YOUR BOARDING PASSWORD than you can sign up for the events and our stipend Busk Stops... and always enjoy the journey!

The Rock Yer Block Busk Station - 42 Main Street Torrington CT